Acrylic or Plexiglass Fish Tanks.

I get a lot of people asking how to build their own custom fish tanks using acrylic or plexiglass. If you have simple woodworking skills, ie: working with a table saw and a router then the Sky is the limit with any acrylic aquarium you can design!

First off you must purchase the acrylic. The easiest company to purchase the material from is a local plastics distributor. This distributor usually stocks both the material, solvent glue and the solvent applicators.

For cutting the material, your best bet is using a 80 tooth or greater finish saw blade. Cut the pieces for the tank of your dreams then clean the edges with a knife or run them through a jointer.

To glue the pieces together you will need to use the bonding solvent (a good brand is Weld-On #3). First practice on some scrap with the applicator you purchased. When gluing the pieces be sure the edges are clean. A good tip is to push the table you are working on against the wall so you have a nice right angle for a good bond. Slowly bond all the pieces together and then let it sit for at least 24 hours.

The last step is to get a tube of clear silcone and using your finger, run it around all of the inside edges. This will help prevent leaks.

Using acrylic to build the tank will give you many options. Clear and colored acrylic tubes are available in many sizes and shapes which will allow you to build a real custom tank for yourself or friends.




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