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Cyro - Acrylite

    *  Technology Center

    *  Acrylite Technical Information

    *  Gluing Acrylics

    *  Thermoforming

    *  Cutting acrylic with circular saws

    *  Routing

    *  Edge Polishing Acrylic

    *  Bending Acrylic


Plaskolite - Optix

    * Product Guide

    * Product Guide for Thin Guage Materials

    * Fabrication Guide


ICI - Lucite

    * Lucite Properties

    * ICI FAQ


GE Polymerland

   * Tech Tips

   * Lexan Information


Georgia Pacific

   * Melomine

   * Finish Grade Plywood

   * MDF

   * Display Grade MDF


Plastic News - Thermoforming Information


3M Products

   * Adhesives

   * Packaging Materials

   * Industrial Tapes


Injection Molding Information


Plastic Molding Information


Working With Acrylic


ICI Corporation, Weld-On Cements

   * Solvent Welding Technical Information

    * Product Information

    * Acrylic & Polycarbonate Glues




Acrylic Newsrelease


Acrylic Information


How Acrylic is made


Plexiglass Information


Plexiglass use with chemicals


More Plexiglass Information


Lucite History


PETG Information


PETG Information


Polycarbonate Information


Polycarbonate Information


Polycarbonate Information from American Plastics Council


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